Feelin’ hot HOt HOT!

…and this is how I know that it is summertime in Alabama

1.Entering my car to go to work at anytime of the day nearly suffocates me. (Yes, even at 8:00AM)

2.My sunglasses fog up as soon as I walk outside.

3. The knob on my car’s air conditioner is stuck on full blast– and I’m okay with that.

4.I basically have to change my clothes once arriving at work b/c I’ve sweat so much. (Okay– and my AC isn’t fast enough)

5. My pin-straight hair, now has a slight curl from the humidity.

6. There is no such thing as “laying out” — you must actually get in the pool.

7.My electric bill has skyrocketed out of sight.

8. My dog smells like sweat after going outside for 5 minutes.

9. I haven’t seen a person jogging in months.

10. I actually asked Michael if we could go to a waterpark…

11. I feel a strong urge to purchase Coke Icee’s on a regular basis.

12. I ‘get’ why so many people “Go to the lake” every weekend.

13. I also ‘get’ why the windows in my apartment are basically painted shut.

14. I’ve stopped making “hot meals” in order to keep the apartment cool.

15.Wal-mart has 3 aisles dedicated to “Grilling out” and reminds me that I can’t enjoy this luxury in an apartment.

16. I have burns on my hands and chest from buckling my seatbelt and driving my car.

17. Fashion has escaped me once again, and it appears that shorts are much shorter than I remember.

Please, fill me in on some of your observations… but MAN is it HOT, HOT, HOT!

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