There are some things I find extremely hard to resist.

Unfortunately, in my five to ten minute commute, I pass both of these locations.

YEP– two times a day. (Well four if you count my lunch hour).

Every day is a struggle to not stop.

I have to say, “Jackie– keep driving, you don’t need it.”

I can be running late to work, stop at Krispy Kreme, and STILL make it right on time. I’m in and out in minutes. So glad we share parking lots..

Chipotle isn’t much better.

I can make it in and out of Chipotle faster than trying to find a parking spot and walk up the flight of stairs to my apartment.

…and today, I gave into my weaknesses.


Hey– a girl’s gotta eat.

Just so you know, I enjoyed every last bite.

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The Pizza Pocket

I really don’t like cooking.

You may or may not have known that about me.

What I do like is the “idea” of cooking. If someone were to ask me if I liked to cook, my answer would probably be yes. What I mean by that is that I like to heat things up or make sandwiches… or cereal. (yes… you make cereal happen).

My Mom has tried very hard to teach me the basics of cooking over the years. (She’s a great cook– especially sweet treats). I always got distracted or felt that I had something more important to do to really understand her teaching. I survived college or cereal and sandwiches as I mentioned before but thinking about being a wife soon (in terms of cooking) is kind of scary.

Michael has been so sweet, cooking meals for me while I’m at work. It’s so thoughtful and cute. He gets excited about going to the grocery store and picking up all the ingredients to make that special meal. He EVEN buys me vegetables… (something he despises completely– please understand that this is a VERY BIG deal).

He probably would kill me if he knew I was posting this– haha. Anyway, the point of this post.

Michael LOVES pizza and the other day I was watching House Hunters on my very short lunch break and saw a Pillsbury commercial for their Crescent Rolls. A “Pizza Pocket” is a great way to turn crescent rolls into a fun meal for your family to enjoy. It noted the website and I stored it in the ole’ noggin for future use.

I can't get the picture to rotate, but I wanted to share anyway.

Yesterday marked the official 2 year anniversary of our relationship. Michael surprised me with beautiful flowers and a massage (you know.. the one I’ve been saying I’d get myself for the past 5 months). Oops– and what did I have for Michael?

As I was getting the lovely massage I pondered what I could purchase Michael. He’s been talking about a motor kit that you put on a bicycle that will allow you to hit a top speed of 30mph. (Call me practical, but I don’t understand the point). He talks about guns but we all know I could NOT pick that out.

I could cook him dinner. The “Pizza Pocket!”

pizza+crescent rolls= Michaels 2 favorite things!

It wasn’t a surprise or anything. I pulled up the recipe on pillsbury.com went into the kitchen and followed the 3 whole steps in the directions.

This is what the recipe looked like:

This is what I came up with:

Not quite the same right…

Yeah– the crescents really stuck to my pizza stone too.

ahh- these pictures make me laugh so hard. I wish I would have captured Michael’s face. He was like “uhh, they don’t really look like the ones in the picture you showed me.”

The main reason I don’t like to cook comes into contact with my patience.

I have none.

I guess this is something I’ll work on in the future.

Oh, How did it taste? You ask… Very, Very good. Michael liked it- so that’s all I care about. : )

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Top 10 Tuesday

Due to this being Thanksgiving week, I’d like to dedicate my Top 10 Tuesday list to Thanksgiving. If you did not know, I absolutely LOVE food and I am thankful for all that Thanksgiving represents. For my family, it represents a gathering of loved ones, wonderful food, fellowship, the trading of names for Christmas, paroozing the black Friday ads, and maybe the occasional snooze.

This week I’m examining the top 10 Thanksgiving foods I enjoy the best. Now.. granted, it has been a year since I’ve enjoyed this feast, so I may forget 1 or 2 things. (why don’t we eat this meal on other days throughout the year?) Hope you enjoy.

Warning: This blog may increase or cause hunger.

Top 10 Thanksgiving dishes to enjoy

1. Green Bean Casserole. Evan’s favorite

2.Cranberry Sauce. Out of a can will do just fine. ; )

3.Dressing/Stuffing. What’s the difference?

4.Corn Pudding. (Made by Grandma Burch)

5.Mashed Potatoes.


7.Jello Salad. Cran. jello salad made by Donna Burch, formerly my Great Grandmothers recip

8.Deviled Eggs.

9.Pumpkin Pie.

10. Turkey/Gravy.

Who’s HUNGRY?!! I am soooo ready to dig in to dinner on Thursday!! I will let you know all the goods I’ve enjoyed this holiday season! What’s your favorite thing for Thanksgiving dinner? Mine is either the Corn pudding or pumpkin pie!

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Thankful Thursday

It’s that time again! Time to reflect on some of the things I am most thankful for.

16.Football. Especially ALABAMA football. ROOOLLLL TIDE!  (Isn’t it weird watching this game on a Thursday night? Anyone with me here?) I complain to Michael a lot about watching game after game, but the truth is that I’ve grown accustomed to it. I enjoy the thrill, the upsets, and especially the unknown. I guess I should clarify that I am speaking about College football here. NFL– I’m sorry, but I just don’t get excited about it.

17.Acceptance.  I am thankful for being accepted in this world– for who I am. I love this story pictured above. I believe they were both survivors of a Tsunami– and now have a beautiful friendship. (Google: Tortoise and Hippo– I heard the story on NPR a while back). This subject was and is a big part of my Strong Rock Camp experience. I think all my fellow co-workers would agree that there is no other place out there that fosters this better.  It is one of the many special qualities that I will always cherish.

18.Education. I don’t think I will EVER stop learning. I am most thankful for my college degree. Just this week I’ve began the process of becoming educated in retail sales. Not only am I extremely impressed with the training, but I am thankful for Verizon having the confidence and faith to invest in me and give me a job.

19. Mistakes. This may sound silly, but I am 100% thankful for the mistakes I make. Why you ask? Well I ALWAYS learn from them. I’m talking about honest mistakes here, people. I don’t make mistakes on purpose, but if it is embarrassing enough or creates a negative feeling I will improve my performance. I have hundreds of stories to share… that you wouldn’t believe. Maybe I’ll post on this topic some day.

20.Food. I don’t want to make you jealous, but my boyfriend made the most fabulous tasting ribs for dinner tonight. I simply LOVE food. I wish I had more time and energy to learn how to love cooking, but for now I will LOVE food others prepare. I am not picky and I love all varieties of food as well. I am thankful to be able to afford and try new food often.

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Top Ten Tuesday

Happy Election Day!

Today’s  Top Ten list showcases some of my favorite places to enjoy a nice lunchtime (or dinnertime) meal! I love deli’s so naturally the majority of this list consists of sandwiches (I apologize if you aren’t a fan).

1.McAlisters Deli: Need a place to study without the crowd? This restaurant has free wi-fi, and was a great place to study in College. This restaurant is a deli chain all over the United States. I usually order the Turkey melt with a side of Potato salad (which is one of my favorite things on the menu). I also have to get sweet tea here– although if you prefer unsweet, it’s very tasty too!

2.Zoes Kitchen: Two words– Chicken Salad– I love chicken salad (I wish I was a chicken salad connoisseur) and this place has some of the best I’ve ever had. It’s finely shredded and almost more like a spread (but believe me the consistency is PERFECT). They place it on some of the best whole wheat bread and give you a side. They also have a chocolate cake that is to die for!

3.Everything Bagels: This is a local restaurant in my hometown. They make their own bagels in house and have some of the most unique sandwich creations. I love the idea of a bagel sandwich. (I never did find a bagel deli in Alabama) I’ve actually never eaten there for breakfast, but they have the perfect proportions for lunch!

4.Milos: This will be my unhealthy choice for lunch. I love the toasted cheese’s! So tasty and only $1.00! Also.. probably the BEST SWET TEA in America. Buy it by the jug! The crinkle fries with seasoning are an added bonus if I’m feel like eating really fatty!

4.The Urban Cookhouse: This is a new restaurant in downtown Homewood, AL, that was opened this past summer by my dear friend, Sherry Snyder’s, Son and Daughter-in-law. If you are ever in the area GIVE IT A TRY! I’ve only been once, but had the most enjoyable experience. They have a unique, healthy menu, that will surely please your taste buds. I had the B.A.L.T. which was a BLT plus, avacado. I also added turkey for a meatier sandwich. The concept behind this restaurant is fabulous! They buy everything they serve locally! Very cool.

5.Chipotle: Who doesn’t want to eat a burrito that’s bigger than a baby?  Okay.. maybe not AS big as a baby. I usually go vegetarian here. I love the sauteed bell peppers, black beans and corn salsa. Plus, you get freshly made guacamole on this order! If you aren’t super hungry you can turn this into two meals. If you go with a friend, get an order of  chips and salsa, or guacamole! They are homemade and oh, so, yummy!

6.Newks Express Cafe: Okay, I actually hated this place the first time I went but now it’s on my  top 10 (I ordered the wrong thing of course)! This is one of the quickest places to get an extremely tasty meal! I usually get the 1/2 sandwich 1/2 salad meal. Their salads are HUGE and very filling. The sandwiches are toasted and made with top notch ingredients. Very flavorful meal!

7.Skyline Chili: Cincinnati staple! This is one of those places you just have to try –to understand. (Although, non-natives, usually aren’t very fond of the flavor) Depending on my level of hunger, I usually get one cheese coney and one chili cheese sandwich. If I’m really hungry, I add an additional coney or sandwich. I crave Skyline when I’m away from Cincinnati and it never tastes as good when I make it from a can. The mountain of cheese is the best!

8.Momma Goldberg’s Deli: After working on an ad copy campaign for the Tuscaloosa location, I fell in love. I had to do many nights of “field research” for my campaign. I tried several sandwiches… and who doesn’t love the nachos? This is one of Michael’s favorite spots so we became frequent customers.

9.Tazikis Greek Fare: This is probably my new favorite restaurant. Recently, I’ve fell in love with feta cheese and well, anything Mediterranean. This place has a fantastic menu with fantastic prices. They have this fabulous tomato and feta side dish that makes my heart sing. I believe this chain began in Birmingham, but is now expanding. All of the Gyro’s  that I’ve sampled were wonderful!

10.Izzys: This is another Cincinnati favorite of mine. They are famous for their rueben sandwich and it is fantastic! The mix of corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and pickles melts together in your mouth for a sensational combination of flavors.They also have their own creation called a potato pancake that completes the meal rather nicely.

I love love love food and could probably formed  a top 25 list– easily. I am ALWAYS looking for new restaurants to try so send your favorites my way!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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