Happy First Birthday!!

Wow, time slipped my mind– I was still just trying to justify my diet choices and remembered that today marks the one year anniversary of When Elephants Fly!


I am so glad that I treated myself today! Sweet Justification!

Wow, what a wonderful year it has been! I am so thankful for each and every one of my readers! I feel so much love and support.

I am actually quite proud of myself, too. I’m allowed to write that, right? I mean really– I poke fun at myself, but I am not really one for consistency. I usually have these grand ideas about projects, such as this blog, but lack the follow through.

And now, for my award speech:

I’ve said it before and will say it again. This blog has been a good outlet for me to just write, think, piece together life– really just keep me grounded through so much change. Since starting a year ago, I’ve found myself a job, apartment, fiance, dog… and a sense of purpose. My heart longs to inspire and encourage people and the fact that I’ve had people tell me that they enjoyed reading something I’ve written makes my heart soar. Thank you God, for giving me the desire to write and the ability to. Thank you Mom and Dad for letting me live at home and be unemployed for a few months so I could start this journey, and thank you Michael for letting me write and ignore you for so many hours, it’s okay to read it one day if you want to! I love you all!

So, what now…?

I’m gonna keep on writing.

yeah. I think I will.

Now– I KNOW this is cheesy, but I actually would like to share some of my accomplishments from the blog– a year in review if you will.

1.)For Memory 2.)For Accomplishment 3.)Benchmark? (that’s such a Verizon term)

Total Views: 26,024

268 on the busiest day– January 20, 2011

66 Posts

17 Subscribers

Top web search that brought up my blog: Fail — 7,917 (wow… I hope I didn’t write that word THAT many times– I’m a little sad so many people were looking up that word on the internet).

Most traffic: clicks from Facebook

Most popular blog: Top 10 Things to do while your Boyfriend plays Call of Duty, Black Ops

If only I could make money doing this… wouldn’t that be the life?

Hope y’all have a great week!!

Current music: “Runaway Car”, Mat Kearney

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Happy December

It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year!

I can hardly believe that December is in full swing! This holiday season seems to be escaping me already– let’s just hope I can catch up! I still am just feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in life these days. Don’t get me wrong– I’m INCREDIBLY BLESSED! Not only am I trying to learn my new job, I am also still in transition and moving to a new city, trying to purchase holiday gifts, balance my relationship with Michael, make friends/reconnect, and enjoy some “me” time.

I do LOVE the holidays though and want to enjoy every minute that I can. I’ve enjoyed seeing the holiday decorations appear around town. As I drove back from my training in Atlanta this week I noticed that the Bass Pro Shop was decorated with Christmas lights. I was so excited!! (When Michael get’s home tomorrow, I’m going to make him take me over there to enjoy the decorations for my Birthday– I don’t think he’ll mind). Last year, we drove through the “extended” entrance and it was beautiful. (I’m not kidding it takes like 10 minutes to drive through this “Grand” entrance– it’s worth it– if you aren’t in a hurry). I hope that this will cure my pre holiday stress.

I really do think that decorations help give me the Christmas Spirit. I love the beauty of ornaments on a tree. Handmade ornaments from my childhood bring back memories from a simpler time. I love seeing wreaths with big bows on the doors of my neighbors. Christmas lights twinkling everywhere I look. Green garlands draped over porch railings. Let’s not forget the presents wrapped under the tree. ; ) I really can’t wait to move into my apartment next weekend! You better believe that I’ll be decorating. This too will put me in the Christmas mood!

Today, my friend Whitney and I headed out to a Craft Bazaar that was held around local shops in Birmingham. I can’t begin to explain how much I needed this trip. It really helped to put me into the Christmas mood. I was inspired by all of the handmade crafts that people had made. SO MUCH TALENT! I wish I was motivated to craft.

We had such a wonderful time catching up (it was much needed). She took me around to some really neat places in Birmingham that I had never visited. This I truly enjoyed! I love discovering little places that hold what I like to think of as little treasures. We certainly found many today. I can’t wait to reconnect with Whitney more now that we are living in the same city again.

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday. Woo! I love Birthdays, although like everything else, this one snuck up on me. 22 was a fabulous year! For my own benefit, I’d like to recap some major events that happened to me this past year.


Note: Michael's beard in this photo... he was so proud.

One year ago (tomorrow) The University of Alabama had won their 22 SEC Championship game, with their star player, Mr. Mark Ingram, #22, on my 22 Birthday and were headed to the National Championship game. In January, that same team WON the game and became National Champions. I celebrated. A few months later, my life as I knew it changed. I graduated from UA and celebrated with friends and family. I had no “9-5” job and no real plan. Thank Goodness, because that meant that I could head back to Strong Rock Camp for another fantastic summer. The summer flew by but not before I could see two of my best friends tie the knot with their prince charmings, Hanna and Kelly! Then I panicked. I applied to too many jobs that turned me down, my confidence crashed and I turned into a hermit due to low funds and motivation. After a few months of that pathetic state, I landed a fabulous job! I started a blog, created a twitter (as of 12/2/10) and paid my first student loan bill! (I don’t know how that tied in with the events that were listed before). I also have applied for my own insurance, set up a 401k and signed the lease on an apartment for the first time without a co-signer. I guess you could say that 22 was a “growing up” year.

I am looking forward to the year 23! I’ve loved my 20’s so far and each year continues to improve as I grow into the responsible adult that I am turning into. I will be watching Michael graduate next weekend, moving into my new apartment and taking down training one week at a time. ; )

I hope to really get back to blogging again. I have about 100 random topics to bring up although they may not be of interest anymore.

Oh– find me on twitter @jacquelinburch

I will explain this decision in a later post.. just be patient with ┬áme. Once life calms down I’m going to reattempt my blog marathon too.

Have a good rest of your weekend!!

Currently listening to: Andy Williams, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

Summer Gagnon, do you remember when you, James, and I performed this song in our sign language class last year– hahaha. I can’t listen to this song without thinking of us scrambling in the Ferg trying to learn how to sign this song and some of the stares we received from people. oh gosh– I miss you!

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