There are some things I find extremely hard to resist.

Unfortunately, in my five to ten minute commute, I pass both of these locations.

YEP– two times a day. (Well four if you count my lunch hour).

Every day is a struggle to not stop.

I have to say, “Jackie– keep driving, you don’t need it.”

I can be running late to work, stop at Krispy Kreme, and STILL make it right on time. I’m in and out in minutes. So glad we share parking lots..

Chipotle isn’t much better.

I can make it in and out of Chipotle faster than trying to find a parking spot and walk up the flight of stairs to my apartment.

…and today, I gave into my weaknesses.


Hey– a girl’s gotta eat.

Just so you know, I enjoyed every last bite.

Music of the moment: “Looks like Love”, Needtobreathe

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Here’s an Answer for you

Why is it so easy to start things, but so difficult to finish?

This is the project that I posted about here— MONTHS ago that is finally hanging up on my wall. Funny thing– it’s still not finished. I fully planned on staining a frame to go around it but I desperately was wanting my dining room table back and thought, what the heck– this is art.

I am actually quite pleased with how it turned out. I am not really a fan of bright colors but I think it brightens up my apartment a bit.

Unlike this:

Let me review this image with you. Yep, that’s a pair of sandals, just out of reach of Chaco’s mouth. You aren’t blind, there are only two legs assembled to the trunk. I asked Michael what happened, but I can’t remember what he told me… something with the frame? Maybe the screw got stripped? idk. What I do know is that it’s bothering me that it’s sitting in the middle of the living room unfinished. I ask him if I can work on it but it appears that it’s maybe more work than it’s worth? Sad.. I was really hoping to turn the old trunk into a neat filing cabinet. I have a lot of clutter that is getting to me over in my makeshift office. It would have been nice to eliminate it. ONE DAY– just like the painting up there. It eventually made it’s way to the wall.

Disclaimer: Do not judge me for the pizza box in the background. It makes a GREAT barrier for the wires that Chaco most definitely would chew through if  given a choice. (This is not the proper time to talk about the new heels that now have little teeth marks decorating the point).

This is next… I actually cleaned the old window up– mold is gone. Just need to work on it’s better half.

This is the look I’m going for… sort-of.


Let me tell you about my new form of inspiration. It comes from Pinterest. It’s this really great social networking site that displays photos. You “pin” things to various boards that you set up on your profile. For example… I have a “Home Sweet Home” board where I pin photos I come across that strike my fancy in regards to my future abode. The site has a fantastic reserve of photos that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I can literally search for ANYTHING; word, phrase, vision, room– and it comes up with dozens of pictures. (Michael even made me search for a gun that he was interested in– only one photo, but still, one!)

Maybe by the time my lease is up in a few months I’ll have things hung on the wall. Let’s hope I renew if this happens. ; )

Now, I will leave you with this:

Isn’t that just precious.

That’s Chaco on the right and his brother Beaux on the left– yes they share chew sticks. I had so much fun puppy sitting a few weeks ago!

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Sweet Sunday

I really wish you could see me right now…No, I’m not eating cinnamon rolls– I ate those earlier this week. ; ) The photo was fitting for my title of this post.

I am having the most spectacular weekend! I hope you can say the same. The weather is beautiful– I can smell spring– and I LOVE IT!

Friday, I made a call to my twin brother, Neil. We had spoken about his plan to propose to his girlfriend and I couldn’t remember if this was the weekend. He answered– “Jackie– I’m practicing– it’s happening in an hour!”

So, what do I do…

I call my Mom and tell her to skype with me so we can all be together to get the word… (Sorry Mom, I know you told me not to post this picture but you look fine.) 😉

So here we are waiting… and waiting… and waiting some more. It was a great time to catch up. Michael came over– my Dad made it home from his golf game. We were all there to here the end result, which was YES! Woooo I’m not going to ruin Neil’s moment, but he really did plan the most perfect proposal. (well.. besides my own.– y’all know how competitive we are, right?) ; )

I can’t help but wonder what thoughts are going through my parent’s heads right now.. Did they ever expect their twins to really get engaged within months of one another? I certainly didn’t.. I thought Neil would be wayyyy before me. Turns out I was  wrong.

I can tell you one thing my Dad thought that I shot down immediately– “Double Wedding” — Not going to happen.

Saturday morning was lazy but filled with excitement. I was finally going to meet up with two of my very best friends from college. Ashley was flying in from Seattle, so Kelly and I volunteered to pick her up from the airport and hit up a much needed mexican lunch date. Chuys. (So yummy– but probably the worst customer experience possible).

I really have missed those girls. I can’t believe how much has changed since those first few weeks as freshman at Alabama. We went from talking about classes and football to buying houses and planning for the long term future… crazy. I wish our time could have been longer, but I loved every minute of it.

As I was giving my friends the grand tour of my apartment, Michael gave me the news that we had acquired tickets to see, A Chorus Line, via Birmingham’s Broadway Series.

I love Broadway Shows but have to admit that this is probably not one of my favorites. I kept telling Michael I appreciate the show because I know how much hardwork has gone into putting it together, but this one really drug on. (I’m pretty sure he fell asleep at one point.)I also didn’t appreciate how many people kept getting up in the middle of the show– although I guess the producers did it to themselves because there was no intermission… a 2 hour show probably needed one.

What I did like was the dancing. There really was a lot of phenomenal dancing in this show.

Ah, now here we are– Sweet Sunday.

I’ve got a yummy breakfast– Egg/Cheese/Turkey Sausage Scramble… (I was trying to make breakfast tacos, which I always enjoyed during my childhood years, but we were out of taco shells).

A beautiful– peaceful view accompanied by my quickmix pandora radio station.

…and sunshine which changes my Del Sol nail polish colors. (This picture really doesn’t do it justice.

Then you have me… who is procrastinating on going to the grocery store/running errands. It’s such a lovely day to just sit on my porch, take in the fresh air and dream. I don’t get to do this very often so I guess I should take advantage of every minute of it.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday, Friends!

Sweet Sounds for Sunday: Amos Lee, “Sweet Pea”

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Here’s a riddle for ya’

What is colorful…

Requires power tools…

Help with the power tools…


and cheap materials?

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The National Championship 2011

The snow ice came btw. Oh how sweet it was to have a snow ice day as an adult.

As I mentally prepare myself for the BCS National Championship game tonight, I can’t help think about the feelings I experienced last year. I had no idea so much emotion would bubble up as I watched Alabama take on the Longhorns.  I even cried at one point.

You couldn’t go anywhere in the state without seeing crimson. I’m sure Auburn fans felt nauseated by the sea of Crimson flowing out of every retail store in the state. If they clinch the win tonight and bring our state and conference a back to back win, that familiar color of crimson will fade to another shade– and I’m okay with that. (For this year anyway).

I’ve been on the fence for a few weeks now as to whether or not I’d be for or against that other large football program in my new state of residence. There are some Alabama fans that will always 100% be against Auburn. Then there are those who make exceptions.

I believe I am one of those who makes exceptions.

Michael was telling me that if Auburn wins the game tonight, they will bring a good amount of money back to the SEC conference to be split 12 ways. — I’m for that.

It is also my understanding that no other state in the country has gone back to back years winning not only a Heisman Trophy winner, but also a National Championship. — I’m for that too.

History may be made tonight.

I will also make this other small disclaimer: I may be for Auburn tonight (so says my bowl picks roster with Strong Rock Camp) but I won’t be in mourning if the Ducks pull out the win.

Oregon will have the coolest uniforms– hands down.

That is a fact.

So War Ea…. Okay, I’m not going to go that far yet– but here’s to the best team! May your victory be as sweet as the one I experienced last year!

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What’s for Christmas?

You’d think that I would have learned by now.

As Thanksgiving comes to a close and I grow one year older I should expect my Mother to ask me the age old question. “What do you want for Christmas?”

As a child the answer was simple. Give me the Toys R Us Wishbook and I’d circle the items I wanted. As I headed into early teen hood I couldn’t escape the big black sharpie, I transitioned magazines and circled outfits in the “Delias” catalog. Some years I would sort of plan early and type out a list of things I wanted. One year I was really great and found the images online and put them in list format for easy shopping.

This year. I’m not prepared– nope- not one bit.

I’m at this age where I don’t really NEED anything and if I do, I’ll run out and purchase it myself. (Within reason, I suppose).

So friends… What ARE we asking for for Christmas this year?

(Really– tell me what you’re asking for.)

I can certainly think of things to ask for but they are a little pricey.. hehe. Netbooks? Tablets? A new car?

Oh! I know!! This:

Okay.. maybe I’ll do a little Christmas shopping this week and find more realistic gifts to ask for.

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Happy December

It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year!

I can hardly believe that December is in full swing! This holiday season seems to be escaping me already– let’s just hope I can catch up! I still am just feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in life these days. Don’t get me wrong– I’m INCREDIBLY BLESSED! Not only am I trying to learn my new job, I am also still in transition and moving to a new city, trying to purchase holiday gifts, balance my relationship with Michael, make friends/reconnect, and enjoy some “me” time.

I do LOVE the holidays though and want to enjoy every minute that I can. I’ve enjoyed seeing the holiday decorations appear around town. As I drove back from my training in Atlanta this week I noticed that the Bass Pro Shop was decorated with Christmas lights. I was so excited!! (When Michael get’s home tomorrow, I’m going to make him take me over there to enjoy the decorations for my Birthday– I don’t think he’ll mind). Last year, we drove through the “extended” entrance and it was beautiful. (I’m not kidding it takes like 10 minutes to drive through this “Grand” entrance– it’s worth it– if you aren’t in a hurry). I hope that this will cure my pre holiday stress.

I really do think that decorations help give me the Christmas Spirit. I love the beauty of ornaments on a tree. Handmade ornaments from my childhood bring back memories from a simpler time. I love seeing wreaths with big bows on the doors of my neighbors. Christmas lights twinkling everywhere I look. Green garlands draped over porch railings. Let’s not forget the presents wrapped under the tree. ; ) I really can’t wait to move into my apartment next weekend! You better believe that I’ll be decorating. This too will put me in the Christmas mood!

Today, my friend Whitney and I headed out to a Craft Bazaar that was held around local shops in Birmingham. I can’t begin to explain how much I needed this trip. It really helped to put me into the Christmas mood. I was inspired by all of the handmade crafts that people had made. SO MUCH TALENT! I wish I was motivated to craft.

We had such a wonderful time catching up (it was much needed). She took me around to some really neat places in Birmingham that I had never visited. This I truly enjoyed! I love discovering little places that hold what I like to think of as little treasures. We certainly found many today. I can’t wait to reconnect with Whitney more now that we are living in the same city again.

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday. Woo! I love Birthdays, although like everything else, this one snuck up on me. 22 was a fabulous year! For my own benefit, I’d like to recap some major events that happened to me this past year.


Note: Michael's beard in this photo... he was so proud.

One year ago (tomorrow) The University of Alabama had won their 22 SEC Championship game, with their star player, Mr. Mark Ingram, #22, on my 22 Birthday and were headed to the National Championship game. In January, that same team WON the game and became National Champions. I celebrated. A few months later, my life as I knew it changed. I graduated from UA and celebrated with friends and family. I had no “9-5” job and no real plan. Thank Goodness, because that meant that I could head back to Strong Rock Camp for another fantastic summer. The summer flew by but not before I could see two of my best friends tie the knot with their prince charmings, Hanna and Kelly! Then I panicked. I applied to too many jobs that turned me down, my confidence crashed and I turned into a hermit due to low funds and motivation. After a few months of that pathetic state, I landed a fabulous job! I started a blog, created a twitter (as of 12/2/10) and paid my first student loan bill! (I don’t know how that tied in with the events that were listed before). I also have applied for my own insurance, set up a 401k and signed the lease on an apartment for the first time without a co-signer. I guess you could say that 22 was a “growing up” year.

I am looking forward to the year 23! I’ve loved my 20’s so far and each year continues to improve as I grow into the responsible adult that I am turning into. I will be watching Michael graduate next weekend, moving into my new apartment and taking down training one week at a time. ; )

I hope to really get back to blogging again. I have about 100 random topics to bring up although they may not be of interest anymore.

Oh– find me on twitter @jacquelinburch

I will explain this decision in a later post.. just be patient with  me. Once life calms down I’m going to reattempt my blog marathon too.

Have a good rest of your weekend!!

Currently listening to: Andy Williams, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

Summer Gagnon, do you remember when you, James, and I performed this song in our sign language class last year– hahaha. I can’t listen to this song without thinking of us scrambling in the Ferg trying to learn how to sign this song and some of the stares we received from people. oh gosh– I miss you!

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Top 10 Tuesday

Due to this being Thanksgiving week, I’d like to dedicate my Top 10 Tuesday list to Thanksgiving. If you did not know, I absolutely LOVE food and I am thankful for all that Thanksgiving represents. For my family, it represents a gathering of loved ones, wonderful food, fellowship, the trading of names for Christmas, paroozing the black Friday ads, and maybe the occasional snooze.

This week I’m examining the top 10 Thanksgiving foods I enjoy the best. Now.. granted, it has been a year since I’ve enjoyed this feast, so I may forget 1 or 2 things. (why don’t we eat this meal on other days throughout the year?) Hope you enjoy.

Warning: This blog may increase or cause hunger.

Top 10 Thanksgiving dishes to enjoy

1. Green Bean Casserole. Evan’s favorite

2.Cranberry Sauce. Out of a can will do just fine. ; )

3.Dressing/Stuffing. What’s the difference?

4.Corn Pudding. (Made by Grandma Burch)

5.Mashed Potatoes.


7.Jello Salad. Cran. jello salad made by Donna Burch, formerly my Great Grandmothers recip

8.Deviled Eggs.

9.Pumpkin Pie.

10. Turkey/Gravy.

Who’s HUNGRY?!! I am soooo ready to dig in to dinner on Thursday!! I will let you know all the goods I’ve enjoyed this holiday season! What’s your favorite thing for Thanksgiving dinner? Mine is either the Corn pudding or pumpkin pie!

Currently listening to: Katy Perry “Firework” — it’s stuck in my head from the previous post! ahhh!

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Music Monday

If you’ve been following Gail’s Tales, you will know that Kayla blogged about this website a few weeks ago.

It’s called Grooveshark.com — to quote Kayla, “It’s like youtube for music” — this site will change the way you listen to music. I promise you that it’s worth a visit.

**I started writing this blog on Monday, actually and got to this point and fell asleep– hehe**

So anyway– as I was starting to say last night is that this website reminds me of the early days of “downloading” music. Once you’ve set up an account, you will go in and search for a specific song or artist and several selections may show up. You click on the song you want to hear and then it starts to form a playlist at the bottom of the page. You can then save the songs as a playlist if you wish.

I am still playing around with the site, but I AM LOVING IT!! I am still a big fan of Pandora because I like the element of surprise that it gives. This website does have a radio feature, but I’m not really a fan of  how it works. (I think it makes poor selections) This is more of a site you’d use if you hear a song on the radio and want to listen to it for free. Now– you don’t get to download the song to your computer, but you can listen to it anytime from Grooveshark. (They do give you the option of purchasing it though).

As for music this week…

The Christmas music is starting to sneak into my car. I’ve reset my presets in my car (yes, I took the Tuscaloosa ones out) and it just so happens that one of the stations I chose, switched over this week to full time Christmas Carols AND they just so happen to be commercial free during my commute to work.

I also want to make a little comment about the content on main stream songs these days. I am always amazed at how quickly new songs gain popularity. I also have to admit that if the tune is catchy– I’m in. This week when I heard Katy Perry’s “Firework” song… (currently the number 1 download on itunes) I laughed. Really.. fireworks.

I laughed when I heard the opening lyric:

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Drifting throught the wind
Wanting to start again

Then… I laughed again at this lyric in the chorus:

Cause baby you’re a firework
Come on show ’em what your worth

Although this just makes me laugh that she was able to reach the number 1 itunes download by asking her audience if they have ever felt like a plastic bag and singing about fireworks. What will we be singing next week? Thanksgiving dinner? A trip to the grocery store? The Snazzy Napper?

Okay.. well after viewing the video for the first time, my opinion has changed a little.. I still think it’s a bit of a goofy topic. The fireworks bursting from her body was a bit much… although like I said I’ve gained new perspective viewing this. Let me know what you think.

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I keep laughing at this

I hate to admit this, but I failed my own challenge.

Of course I will justify it by saying that I blogged a few days before the month of November that can counterbalance the two days I missed. Like I mentioned earlier this week, these posts are becoming a little forced.

Where to start? …Where to start? I feel like I have so much that I COULD write about….

Football. I can’t believe that the Iron Bowl is less than a week away!! I am so pumped, but also sad that I won’t be watching the game this year. As you may know, in retail, Friday is kind of a busy day. ; ) Let’s take a poll!

My vote goes to the Crimson Tide of course– ROLL TIDE!

Babies. Today I was privileged to have the day off and attended Michael’s sisters baby shower! I am so excited for Lauren and her husband Grey and certainly can’t wait to meet little miss baby Emme! It was fun to see Lauren get showered with love from friends and family. They make some cool things for babies that I had no idea existed. For example, a baby wipe warmer, so your baby doesn’t have to face the fact that wipes are cold. How about all the cute little baby clothes? (I knew they had those) My personal favorite was this turtle that lights up and displays stars on the ceiling. (see picture below)

Work. I’m going to try and not blog about work for liability reasons, but I do want to mention that I love my job so far. Working a full 46 hour work week was incredible! (How long do you think I’ll keep saying that?) I love the challenges that I am faced with and am enjoying learning hundreds of new things each day.

I am nervous about working “Black Friday” seeing that I’ve never worked retail… ever. I am curious to see how things go, although I don’t even go into work till 12:30– guess I was lucky.

(Let’s not forget that the Iron Bowl begins at 12:30 and well, it’s pretty much a sin to live in this state and not take interest in that game.)

Moving. I don’t know if I mentioned that I found a place to live, but let me just tell you that it has all I listed in my top 10 list and more. I am so excited and eager to move in. Hopefully I will get the move in date soon. Sometime mid December… (which makes me sad only because I was looking forward to setting up Christmas decorations). The only other problem with all of this is that I will be in training and not have a lot of time to unpack and get settled without having to rush back to training.

Well.. That’s all I got for now. I know I promised a “Wise Wisdom” post by the end of the weekend so I will try and work on that. I also need to update “Stylish Saturday”– I went to the mall on Friday to buy a new pair of pants for work and they fit perfect at the store.. but were a little short once I got them home (I forgot that I would have to wear shoes to work). I also bought the same brand, different color and they wouldn’t button.. (weird). I HATE buying pants. I am returning BOTH pairs tomorrow. (Sorry about that little rant…)

Hope y’all had a fabulous weekend! Let’s start to get ready for some TURKEY!! I will need to eat salad for the next few days seeing that I’ve been eating lots of sugar this weekend. hehe.

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