Something Old

I wish I would have bought that birdcage…

I loved it so much I took a picture.

Why, oh WHY! didn’t I buy it right then and there?

This birdcage has been haunting me for months now.

Michael and I have fell in love with our new hobby of antiquing. It all started on one of our visits to Hendersonville, NC to visit family. We stumbled upon a pair of old suitcases in perfect condition– the best part– they cost $5.00 for the set.

 Remember this?

It’s finally on the wall!!!

Just in time to move in a few weeks… :/

Oh, yeah… I’m moving. Five minutes closer to work– not that I was ever far away, but it will be nice to by-pass traffic.

I’m really excited for more space and less stairs.


This was Michael’s treasure find. He knew I needed nightstands and saw the vision. Once a beautiful vanity, now split in two for bedside tables. I can’t quite decide if I love the color or not. I’m a rather boring, neutral, modern (play it safe) person– afraid of color, really.

He likes a pop here and there and is trying to convince me to change my ways.

BUT somehow this Tiffany Blue is growing on me– maybe because it reminds me of fine jewelry. So-What if it does…

Remember this trunk?

That’s right– Once upon a time this trunk housed barbies, well at least their shoes and will now hold my countless number of loose papers. I originally thought I’d store blankets or odds and ends, but a file cabinet was a much better decision. The legs are still a little wobbly, but it serves its purpose.

Oh yes, my favorite piece EVER!

This old farm table was quite the find.

On one of our trips from North Carolina back to Birmingham, we found ourselves passing all of these interesting looking shacks displaying the word: Antiques. Michael was ten and two, eyes straight ahead, ready to hit the interstate. I, however being the navigator was drawn in to these buildings wanting to stop.

“Do you think you would like to stop at one of these antique shops?”I asked, acting like I was not really interested, but hoping Michael was game.

“No.” (it was a cold no)

“That shop looks neat.” I pressed on.

Two minutes go by.

“Oh, wow- Michael, look at that old sign in the front yard.” (What’s the worst that could happen… he keeps driving?)

Another two minutes…

“I wonder how many people stop at these shops?” (…!!!)

I think he got the hint– before I could finish my thought, Michael was whipping the Jeep onto the dirt driveway that lead to this small shed-like antique shop.


“Ten Minutes” Michael said. (Well– I think this is what was said)

As we explored the small shop I spotted a blue ball jar with a lid. (one of my many current obsessions) I glanced at the sticker- $5.00- we’ve got ourselves a bargain people! I turned around to show Michael and saw the table– I loved it. I had to have it. This was instantaneous. Table or desk that piece of furniture was mine. As I flipped the ticket, I hoped that I would find a price rather than a NFS (not for sale) stamp.

Whew, I was in luck. Before I could hesitate, the owner of the shop told us that everything was 15% off that day– SOLD. Michael took the dimensions and confirmed that the table would fit in the Jeep and the rest is in the books.

I really do love it. My GREAT find. I’ve been searching for some antique chairs, but the ikea ones will have to do for now.

As for my latest project…

This one won’t be completed until after the move. Michael obtained some old photos from his Dad that were recovered from his Grandmothers house many years ago. I’ve always loved old photos. It’s fun to see what events were important at one time in another persons life. I wasn’t fortunate enough to ever meet Michael’s grandparents, but it’s sweet to attempt to go down memory lane and create what I think their life may have been like.

My Mom has old photos displayed in frames in her home and I love looking at these pictures. My Grandmother as a little girl in Cowboy boots. My Great Grandmother- fashion diva in the 40’s. The one wedding photo that was taken at my Mom and Dad’s reception. (I’ve been learning a lot about the family weddings these days) An Orchestra from my Dad’s side of family musicians. I REALLY need the story on some of these photos.

My vision is to obtain photos from all sides of our families and combine them within this collage of frames. Just need to work on getting a few more pictures…

As I go into my day off tomorrow, Michael and I already have a new antique shop scouted out to hit up. It really is exciting even if you don’t purchase anything.

A Bacon Press…

An old set of silver… (probably should have invested in this set). Would make a really awesome wedding present (wink wink).

You really never know what you will find.

These last two items were found at a few antique shops in downtown Milford, OH on my home sweet home vacation. It’s my first vacation since I started with Verizon a YEAR ago! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.

While I was at home I made a stop here:

This story is for another day, BUT I did say Yes to a Dress! WOOO! It’s starting to feel very real!

The big day is set for May 12, 2012!

It will be here before we know it– 6 months from last Saturday.

Music of the Moment is brought to you by Spotify– check it out! (Singer-Songwriter Radio) BUT you can type any artist and listen/stream for free!

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  1. I’m getting married July 13, 2012!!

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