Never go grocery shopping while hungry

If you’ve read my blog, you may remember this post…

Remember now… I’m not quite the culinary student my heart oh-so-wishes I could be.

That’s okay though. I am making strides.

In an effort to try and save some money, (and looking at the my money map feature on my online banking site) I decided that I would plan meals for Michael and I to eat for a few weeks. Simple things really. You’ve got the basics like spaghetti and frozen pizza, but then you get your hands dirty with a little more prep work– try shrimp po’boys and homemade lasagna. Michael gets a major shout out here.. my idea– his masterpieces.

For all who know Michael, the tomatoes on the po’boy were for me, not him… same goes for the pickles.

The lasagna was made from scratch and very yummy!! Who would have thought a pizza sauce could have tasted so good. ; )

Shrimp Alfredo. The Macaroni Grill makes this fabulous alfredo packet– just add shrimp.

Well technologic girl over here can’t get this picture to rotate, but I really wanted to show you what true love is. Retail hours are brutal to relationships…

Operation Clean out the pantry day 1: Campbell’s Vegetable Soup, add 1 can of water heat till warm. (If I only spent half as much time as I did taking all of these food photos from my phone, maybe I could learn how to cook REAL soup… nah, I like this one just fine.)

Comfort food… reminds me of being sick… in a good way.

On another note– I did make this delicious dish that my parents would make every summer. Not really sure what you call this– I just asked “What was that zucchini, tomato, cheese dish, you made while I was growing up?”

I made this all by myself!! Very tasty AND very successful!

1.Slice up a zucchini

2. Open a can of Italian Recipe Stewed tomatoes (or add your own spices with a regular can)

3. Combine the two in a medium skillet pan

4. Heat over medium heat until zucchini softens

5. Sprinkle mozzerella cheese on top while in  pan to melt.

Prep: 1 minute

Cook: 5 minutes

Well it looks to be dinner time again– Let’s see what I can go make tonight. Bon Appetit!

Current Music: Adele, “Turning Tables”

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