Happy First Birthday!!

Wow, time slipped my mind– I was still just trying to justify my diet choices and remembered that today marks the one year anniversary of When Elephants Fly!


I am so glad that I treated myself today! Sweet Justification!

Wow, what a wonderful year it has been! I am so thankful for each and every one of my readers! I feel so much love and support.

I am actually quite proud of myself, too. I’m allowed to write that, right? I mean really– I poke fun at myself, but I am not really one for consistency. I usually have these grand ideas about projects, such as this blog, but lack the follow through.

And now, for my award speech:

I’ve said it before and will say it again. This blog has been a good outlet for me to just write, think, piece together life– really just keep me grounded through so much change. Since starting a year ago, I’ve found myself a job, apartment, fiance, dog… and a sense of purpose. My heart longs to inspire and encourage people and the fact that I’ve had people tell me that they enjoyed reading something I’ve written makes my heart soar. Thank you God, for giving me the desire to write and the ability to. Thank you Mom and Dad for letting me live at home and be unemployed for a few months so I could start this journey, and thank you Michael for letting me write and ignore you for so many hours, it’s okay to read it one day if you want to! I love you all!

So, what now…?

I’m gonna keep on writing.

yeah. I think I will.

Now– I KNOW this is cheesy, but I actually would like to share some of my accomplishments from the blog– a year in review if you will.

1.)For Memory 2.)For Accomplishment 3.)Benchmark? (that’s such a Verizon term)

Total Views: 26,024

268 on the busiest day– January 20, 2011

66 Posts

17 Subscribers

Top web search that brought up my blog: Fail — 7,917 (wow… I hope I didn’t write that word THAT many times– I’m a little sad so many people were looking up that word on the internet).

Most traffic: clicks from Facebook

Most popular blog: Top 10 Things to do while your Boyfriend plays Call of Duty, Black Ops

If only I could make money doing this… wouldn’t that be the life?

Hope y’all have a great week!!

Current music: “Runaway Car”, Mat Kearney

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