Well, Hello there…

I HATE that I’ve abandoned my blog.

Writing on here is like therapy for me. It gives me some ‘me’ time– reflection, more or less. I appreciate my readers too– and I hate to disappoint anyone. I had the pleasure of FINALLY getting to return home to visit my family this past weekend (first time in over 6 mo.– thank you very much). While I was sitting in my room, I remembered how often I’d sit at my desk and write out these lengthy-soul bearing-super long-“thought provoking”-(well to me) posts. –And realized that I missed that.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have time to blog. I CHOOSE other things. Plain and simple.

Just like I had to choose which flavor of Graeters Ice Cream to purchase at The Fresh Market, a few weeks ago. IN ALABAMA.

No– seriously. It was tough– They say new item, but what if this is a joke, some kind of a sick joke and they stop carrying it? jk.

Well I guess I should catch you up to speed on my life… My post college graduation life, since, afterall, that is why I started this.

Work is AWESOME– I love my job, if I didn’t well, I’d look for another one. I’ve recently really been inspired by the idea of really loving what you do for a living. I am just so blessed to be lead by a phenomenal team of leaders who not only teach me, but look forward to helping me succeed in my career path. I mean really, how great is that? (Can I please get an applause for this).

Getting Married. Well, like I mentioned I went home for the weekend and had the privilege of attending my eldest cousin, Betsy’s wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!! (I am planning to write a whole post on this subject once my photos from my camera are uploaded– so stay tuned). When you go to a wedding, the questions concerning your own almost smack you in the face. It was a good chance for Michael and I to really discuss with my parents the deep desires for our own wedding. (Okay, let’s face it- neither of us really have these well-thought out plans). Michael likes the courthouse idea at this point… I’m not a fan.

I’ll tell you why it’s hard for us to really start planning. We can’t figure out a location. Do I go home? (yes– that’s the tradition, I’m well aware). Do we go destination? (ehh- I may sacrifice some good friends most importantly, family not coming). Okay, how about half way between our families? (Would you plan the most important day of your life in some random city you have no connection to?) Just saying. This is a choice, a hard one at that– that Michael and I will have to make as a couple.

So what does that mean– you guessed it– still no date. (We are taking suggestions though…) ; )

Now onto far more important things…

Who has the cutest dog on the planet?

Oh, why it appears that I do.

Meet Chaco. He’s a Cockapoo. That’s a Cocker Spaniel mixed with a Poodle AND I love him very much. He brings a smile to me everyday. You should see me with my phone. It’s like a little brag book of how cute he is. (I now understand those things now).

Let me start off by saying that this is high on my list of rebellious things that I’ve done. (My parents have told me for the last 2 years to stay away from puppies, well pets in general due to the high maintenance) Michael introduced me to his friend, who is now one of my dear friends, Abby. She lives in the same complex that I reside in. When we got wind of her recent purchase of an adorable little puppy, Mr. Beaux Jangles, I had to meet the fella for myself. LOVE– immediately. Michael asked if I was interested… or rather bet me, that I’d leave wanting to go get a puppy.

So let’s see… that was a Wednesday, and we made the drive to Tuscaloosa on Friday. To not only purchase a puppy, but Mr. Beaux Jangles BROTHER!

He truly has been fabulous. I’ve gained a lot from having him this last month. We’ve met a good majority of the neighbors– he’s allowing (forcing) me to meet people. ; ) No, I actually love that. I live in a very pet friendly complex. I’ve gotten more laundry done than anyone could ever have imagined. (Ask my water/electric bill). I also have gotten to enjoy the early morning. Making it to work at 8:00AM is NEVER a problem anymore.

I mean really though… How can you say no to this:

Told ya…

Chaco, will be 13 weeks old on Friday. I am so proud of him– thanks to my friend, Alison, he knows how to sit and lay down. He also has become a champ at using the puppy pads– which I like despite the cost. I am just reflecting on my experience with a puppy and it makes me smile. Fun Fact, Poodles are one of the smartest breeds out there– so I have no doubt that little Chaco Baby, will be performing some great tricks in the near future.

Well, the little pup is giving me the evil eye right now– he doesn’t like technology. He needs me to throw his favorite toy– a ratty old plastic water bottle. So much for the 50 toys Michael and I’ve purchased. (He’s not spoiled or anything).

Currently Singing Along to: (Don’t Judge) Lady GaGa: The Edge of Glory

I was one of the lucky ones who purchased her entire, Born This Way, album from Amazon for .99 — not too bad.

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