Sweet Sunday

I really wish you could see me right now…No, I’m not eating cinnamon rolls– I ate those earlier this week. ; ) The photo was fitting for my title of this post.

I am having the most spectacular weekend! I hope you can say the same. The weather is beautiful– I can smell spring– and I LOVE IT!

Friday, I made a call to my twin brother, Neil. We had spoken about his plan to propose to his girlfriend and I couldn’t remember if this was the weekend. He answered– “Jackie– I’m practicing– it’s happening in an hour!”

So, what do I do…

I call my Mom and tell her to skype with me so we can all be together to get the word… (Sorry Mom, I know you told me not to post this picture but you look fine.) 😉

So here we are waiting… and waiting… and waiting some more. It was a great time to catch up. Michael came over– my Dad made it home from his golf game. We were all there to here the end result, which was YES! Woooo I’m not going to ruin Neil’s moment, but he really did plan the most perfect proposal. (well.. besides my own.– y’all know how competitive we are, right?) ; )

I can’t help but wonder what thoughts are going through my parent’s heads right now.. Did they ever expect their twins to really get engaged within months of one another? I certainly didn’t.. I thought Neil would be wayyyy before me. Turns out I was  wrong.

I can tell you one thing my Dad thought that I shot down immediately– “Double Wedding” — Not going to happen.

Saturday morning was lazy but filled with excitement. I was finally going to meet up with two of my very best friends from college. Ashley was flying in from Seattle, so Kelly and I volunteered to pick her up from the airport and hit up a much needed mexican lunch date. Chuys. (So yummy– but probably the worst customer experience possible).

I really have missed those girls. I can’t believe how much has changed since those first few weeks as freshman at Alabama. We went from talking about classes and football to buying houses and planning for the long term future… crazy. I wish our time could have been longer, but I loved every minute of it.

As I was giving my friends the grand tour of my apartment, Michael gave me the news that we had acquired tickets to see, A Chorus Line, via Birmingham’s Broadway Series.

I love Broadway Shows but have to admit that this is probably not one of my favorites. I kept telling Michael I appreciate the show because I know how much hardwork has gone into putting it together, but this one really drug on. (I’m pretty sure he fell asleep at one point.)I also didn’t appreciate how many people kept getting up in the middle of the show– although I guess the producers did it to themselves because there was no intermission… a 2 hour show probably needed one.

What I did like was the dancing. There really was a lot of phenomenal dancing in this show.

Ah, now here we are– Sweet Sunday.

I’ve got a yummy breakfast– Egg/Cheese/Turkey Sausage Scramble… (I was trying to make breakfast tacos, which I always enjoyed during my childhood years, but we were out of taco shells).

A beautiful– peaceful view accompanied by my quickmix pandora radio station.

…and sunshine which changes my Del Sol nail polish colors. (This picture really doesn’t do it justice.

Then you have me… who is procrastinating on going to the grocery store/running errands. It’s such a lovely day to just sit on my porch, take in the fresh air and dream. I don’t get to do this very often so I guess I should take advantage of every minute of it.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday, Friends!

Sweet Sounds for Sunday: Amos Lee, “Sweet Pea”

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