Frozen Yogurt is all the rage these days.

I can think of a few yogurt places near my apartment that are adopting this self serve style… and I’m not complaining. Whoever came up with this idea was a genius. You grab a (over-sized) bowl, choose your flavor of yogurt, then add as many toppings as you’d like. They charge by the ounce. The weight does add up quickly… BUT you don’t feel as guilty due to the fact that you are eating frozen YOGURT with FRUIT! (Or whatever unhealthy toppings you’d like…) 😉

Check out Menchies website and see if there is a location near you!

I mean seriously… look how cute the spoon is.

Let’s discuss the flavors. This place knows how to make good combination’s. Here, I’m sampling Cheesecake and Raspberry. There are over a dozen flavors that you are allowed to sample before making your final decision. Once you’ve chosen your fate, head over to the toppings bar and create the perfect dessert. I love how creative they were with toppings– cheesecake, cereal, cinnamon apples, and granola are just a few.

Okay.. this blog is making me very hungry…

One final photo for this post:

Guess who found Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream!

Thank goodness for, The Fresh Market! Not only do they carry Black Raspberry Chip ice cream, but they carry the UDF brand. Sure, it’s no cup of Graeters, BRC, but it tastes like home. Whoever said that I’d say goodbye to some of my favorite Cincinnati foods when I moved to Alabama, was wrong. Publix sells Skyline chili in the freezer section and if I come by a Kroger, I can also hit up some of my other Cincinnati favorites!

Okay.. the NIT game is getting intense– I’m out! ROLL TIDE!!!

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Here’s a riddle for ya’

What is colorful…

Requires power tools…

Help with the power tools…


and cheap materials?

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Will you marry me?

(This is a bit overdue)

I have been wanting to blog about this for quite some time now.

Tonight I find myself sitting in my comfy bed, covered up because winter has decided to strike again. It’s freezing! My computer widget says 42, but I’d beg to differ. (much colder!) My T.V. movie options are Titanic or Finding Nemo– which one did I choose, you ask? Well Titanic of course. I’ve seen it a dozen times, the ship always sinks, but somewhere in my heart I always want it to steer to the left and avoid the iceberg.

Ah, what a classic love story– “You jump, I jump.”

Before I graduated last spring, Michael and I had many conversations about where we were going to take our relationship. We were under the impression that we’d make it work. The summer came and went. Job interviews came and went. Life as we had known it surely had changed.

I guess I could say “I knew it was coming” — what I mean by this was that I knew eventually we’d get engaged, probably in the spring or summer. (You know– once life slowed down) As you can see I was completely caught off guard.

Michael left early that morning to arrive and prepare for his graduation. I woke up and was excited that this day had finally arrived. I couldn’t wait to celebrate such a wonderful accomplishment! This was Michael’s day!

I spent the morning texting all the graduates I knew. Not only was Michael graduating, but a few of my closest friends as well. I love Tuscaloosa for the mere fact that I experienced so much growth in that city. Many memories that I hold very close to my heart.

While the graduates processed in, I remembered my own graduation a few months earlier. Such an accomplishment! We had a fantastic seat that we picked at random that happened to be directly in front of Michael. We waved, texted, took pictures, and called. I scanned the program for college acquaintances and cheered as they crossed the stage.

After the graduation was over we had already pre-planned to meet around the baseball field. (Everyone attempts to meet in front of the coliseum- it just doesn’t work). As I fought through the crowd I could see him standing  just where we had planned.

This is where it goes a bit fuzzy.

Michael’s family immediately jumped in starting taking pictures. Family photos here, individual photos here. I patiently waited while scanning the crowd for one of my best friends, Ashley. I had been texting her during the graduation and desperately wanted to see her. (She was moving out of state the following week). It was my turn to take pictures (and well you  guys know what comes next).

We started taking pictures. Michael and I exchanged a few words. I remember him asking  me to hold his diploma jacket because “it was heavy and he ha been holding it alllll day.” I, being oblivious of course just kept smiling away. (I was also still scanning the now, crowded, baseball field area for Ashley).

Here, Michael was saying something funny to me about graduation

This is where he made me hold the jacket. You can see how sneeky he was trying to be. His mom said, “Give him a kiss” to distract me– it worked beautifully.

“AHH. NO WAY!” — yes, that is what I said.

oooh! Let me see… a little closer.

In case you missed it– I said yes.

Ahh! Can’t believe everyone knew!

FINALLY looking at how beautiful it was!

After scrambling around trying to call my family I spotted Ashley and attacked her. Ashley introduced me to Michael– so I suppose she is responsible for all of this. ; )

I miss her!

And now… some pictures of the beautiful ring!

Michael picked this out all by himself.

It’s lovely.

Well, there you have it. It was such a magical day. A graduation. An Engagement. (A few hours later I picked up the keys to my new apartment). Yes, it was a fantastic day. I never told anyone this, but I always secretly wanted my engagement to be photographed. So, that was great. The crowd of people around me clapped and cheered- one lady was crying. I felt like a celebrity couple. I sort-of liked that too. ; )

I am so blessed and thankful for all the love and support. I’m also very excited!! It’s been 3 months today that I said yes, but with the circumstances of my new job I really haven’t had a lot of time to plan anything. I guess I need to earn some vacation days as well before I really dive in planning the beginning of this next chapter of life. None the less– EXCITING!

Thanks again for all of your love and support!

Music of the moment: Celine Dion, “My heart will go on”

(Who didn’t see that song coming? hehe)

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