The Pizza Pocket

I really don’t like cooking.

You may or may not have known that about me.

What I do like is the “idea” of cooking. If someone were to ask me if I liked to cook, my answer would probably be yes. What I mean by that is that I like to heat things up or make sandwiches… or cereal. (yes… you make cereal happen).

My Mom has tried very hard to teach me the basics of cooking over the years. (She’s a great cook– especially sweet treats). I always got distracted or felt that I had something more important to do to really understand her teaching. I survived college or cereal and sandwiches as I mentioned before but thinking about being a wife soon (in terms of cooking) is kind of scary.

Michael has been so sweet, cooking meals for me while I’m at work. It’s so thoughtful and cute. He gets excited about going to the grocery store and picking up all the ingredients to make that special meal. He EVEN buys me vegetables… (something he despises completely– please understand that this is a VERY BIG deal).

He probably would kill me if he knew I was posting this– haha. Anyway, the point of this post.

Michael LOVES pizza and the other day I was watching House Hunters on my very short lunch break and saw a Pillsbury commercial for their Crescent Rolls. A “Pizza Pocket” is a great way to turn crescent rolls into a fun meal for your family to enjoy. It noted the website and I stored it in the ole’ noggin for future use.

I can't get the picture to rotate, but I wanted to share anyway.

Yesterday marked the official 2 year anniversary of our relationship. Michael surprised me with beautiful flowers and a massage (you know.. the one I’ve been saying I’d get myself for the past 5 months). Oops– and what did I have for Michael?

As I was getting the lovely massage I pondered what I could purchase Michael. He’s been talking about a motor kit that you put on a bicycle that will allow you to hit a top speed of 30mph. (Call me practical, but I don’t understand the point). He talks about guns but we all know I could NOT pick that out.

I could cook him dinner. The “Pizza Pocket!”

pizza+crescent rolls= Michaels 2 favorite things!

It wasn’t a surprise or anything. I pulled up the recipe on went into the kitchen and followed the 3 whole steps in the directions.

This is what the recipe looked like:

This is what I came up with:

Not quite the same right…

Yeah– the crescents really stuck to my pizza stone too.

ahh- these pictures make me laugh so hard. I wish I would have captured Michael’s face. He was like “uhh, they don’t really look like the ones in the picture you showed me.”

The main reason I don’t like to cook comes into contact with my patience.

I have none.

I guess this is something I’ll work on in the future.

Oh, How did it taste? You ask… Very, Very good. Michael liked it- so that’s all I care about. : )

Currently listening to: Dixie Chicks, “Cowboy Take me Away”  (This was such a great CD)

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  1. I’m still laughing at the before and after picture of the pocket…Your problem as I see it, is that all you were missing is the addition of the lettuce garnish! Gotta love you!!! Bon Appetit!!!
    Aunt Jinx

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