Top 10 Things To Do While Your Boyfriend Plays Call of Duty, Black Ops

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!

I thought today I would dedicate my blog to all of my friends who have significant others that waited in line at midnight to pick up their copy of this new game.  Call of Duty, Black Ops

(I feel for you my friends– if you are currently being traded for a video game and need to talk to someone… I’m here.)

Of course if my car wouldn’t have broken down last night, (the distributor needed to be replaced- if anyone cares) I would be speaking from first hand experience. I think by the time I arrive in Alabama I will be able to refer back to this blog and take some of my own advice. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced this before… (can anyone say Modern Warfare?) It’s best to just take matters into your own hands and do things for yourself!

Top Ten Things To Do While Your Boyfriend Plays Call of Duty, Black Ops

1. Facebook: We all know I am a fan of this social network site. Your boyfriend may stare at the television, but you can feel free to surf away. Take advantage of this time to get caught up in the social world, play bejeweled blitz, even catch up and write on a few friends walls. You will be completely in the know before he’s ready to take a break.

2.Read: I actually love that I get this time to read for fun. In the past, I’ve caught up on several books during the first few weeks of a major video game release. I am in the middle of a few books right now that I will finally finish! YAY! I guess homework and studying would fall under this category if I were still in school. This was THE BEST time to study… you never missed out on anything fun.

3.Have a Girls Night: Go to the mall, grab a tasty bite to eat, watch a sappy movie. Whatever you do– Don’t talk about Playstation 3! Don’t worry about trying to split time because he probably won’t even realize he’s been playing for the few hours you were gone. You can bond over the fact that your boyfriends haven’t spoken more than a few words to you in the last 24 hours!

4.Cook: Okay… now I have to admit that I haven’t ever made a 3-course meal or anything during a COD marathon– but I have made cookies! I’m sure other things too.. Maybe I will make that tasty Strawberry Crepe pictured above?

5.Netflix: This will be a new tactic I try this time around. I usually watch T.V. episodes on my computer via the network stations, but now will be using Netflix! Maybe I’ll get caught up on all the movies I’ve wanted to see in the last year AND the T.V. shows.. wouldn’t that be fun?!

6.Clean: This is always a great time to get caught up on the daily house work or chores. Do the laundry, scrub the tub, re-arrange the furniture. Just wait the call will come.. I guess I will unpack and set up my new apartment this go around.

7.Blog: Read or write one. (of course I would encourage you to write one if you don’t blog already– it’s therapeutic)  This will also be a new tactic I am going to try. I think it will come in handy for my NaBloPoMo posts! By the way– some of these blogs that are well known can suck you in for a good while. If you are interested enough you can go back through and read quite a bit. (especially if they have been blogging for a while) You can re read this one if you are desperate! No, don’t do that..

8.Shop: I usually like to go purchase something new for myself when I find I’m being temporarily traded for a video game. If he gets to enjoy a $60 game, I’m going to enjoy my new pair of shorts, or the cute top I’d been eying for the last few weeks. oooh! I’m going to shop in stores and online! Can we say Birthday and Christmas list? ooo… I could complete my Christmas shopping. (well, once Thanksgiving has past, of course) Okay.. maybe this was a better suggestion than first thought. Now I KNOW WHY COD was released the few weeks before Black Friday…

9.Talk on the Phone: You know you have the big “Catch Up” call.. (well if you are terrible at keeping up, you do…) This is a GREAT time to catch up with family and friends. You can get a good hour or so of conversation in. (to each person!) I try to keep talking on my phone to a minimum when Michael and I hang out– I don’t think he even notices that I am talking for as long as I am when his eyes are glued to the T.V.

10: Watch: Yes, I left this as my last suggestion. It may seem quite obvious, but you can always support your boyfriend by trying to understand why he loves Call of Duty so much. It is kind of interesting at times. (Maybe for a few minutes) Then, it gets repetitive. If a headset is involved and someone is talking into it, much like one of Michael’s best friends, Thrash– then it’s actually hilarious and very entertaining.

If anyone else has tips to help cope with a new release of a video game let me know. ; )

Also, I hope I am not offending anyone… girls can play this game too, I am just speaking on behalf of my own personal experience. If you are female and you and your significant other play this game together– more power to you! I think that’s great! I wish I could just understand how to work the controller for this game.

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  1. Funny you should post this. My Michael is playing it as we speak. I may take a few ideas of your list!

  2. so my bf has been on this damn game for…since it came out. im sooo bored of watching it im bo bored of hearing it and i LOVE that you posted it. i was totally kidding when i tryped in “what do do while ur bf plays cod” & this was the first thing to pop up on google… your awesome… thank you!!! =]

  3. I understand how annoying this is!!! I’m writing this as I’m watching my boyfriend play black ops lol! He’s been at my house for almost 12 hours and hasn’t look away from the tv!!!!! I think watching him play is the better idea for our relationship bc ever since he started this obsession, by enjoying something he loves with him, he has started being more appreciative of me. It does get boring but the devotion he shows in return is worth it. Having a common intrest (or making it appear as so) really works wonders!!!

  4. Haha I thought I was crazy too for typing in what to do while your boyfriend plays cod! But I love your ideas!! The only problem is, I feel like I do all of that on the list and then he is still playing! Lol. He told me he would do anything for me EXCEPT give up his xbox. Fml!

  5. Hahah this is amazing. My boyfriend plays this came all day long and sometimes doesn’t even realize i’m next to him or talking on the phone with him. I’m gonna try these tips and see how they work for me. heehee 🙂

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  7. Hmm, good ideas.. even though i can do all these and he’s still sitting there playing, oh the sweet sound of the BOOM as they get a headshot and the whole world has to know 😉 the headset.. I CAN NOT TAKE ANYMORE! lol anyway suppose my rant is over and i should get to work on anything that is not involved disturbing him and the precious game 🙂

  8. This made me laugh! I do most the things on this list. Though my boyfriend isn’t playing COD, he’s still playing a new release. He actually turned around to see what I was doing when I was going through the list. 😀 Maybe this will prove how bored I am! Lol

  9. LOL I’m not alone! I love that you posted this. My boyfriend plays call of duty and I hate it! He used to play all the time way before he met me and he recently decided that he wants to start playing again. We live together and we have only one tv hooked up in the living room so that part sucks. But I feel like if we hook up the other tv and stay in seperate rooms all the time we will drift apart and break up. I love him so I just sit here talk to friends on Facebook join other sites to piss him off and play games. He is the one who found this site for me. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one going crazy here.

  10. a big hint, download stuff so they lagg

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