Top Ten Tuesday

Happy Election Day!

Today’s  Top Ten list showcases some of my favorite places to enjoy a nice lunchtime (or dinnertime) meal! I love deli’s so naturally the majority of this list consists of sandwiches (I apologize if you aren’t a fan).

1.McAlisters Deli: Need a place to study without the crowd? This restaurant has free wi-fi, and was a great place to study in College. This restaurant is a deli chain all over the United States. I usually order the Turkey melt with a side of Potato salad (which is one of my favorite things on the menu). I also have to get sweet tea here– although if you prefer unsweet, it’s very tasty too!

2.Zoes Kitchen: Two words– Chicken Salad– I love chicken salad (I wish I was a chicken salad connoisseur) and this place has some of the best I’ve ever had. It’s finely shredded and almost more like a spread (but believe me the consistency is PERFECT). They place it on some of the best whole wheat bread and give you a side. They also have a chocolate cake that is to die for!

3.Everything Bagels: This is a local restaurant in my hometown. They make their own bagels in house and have some of the most unique sandwich creations. I love the idea of a bagel sandwich. (I never did find a bagel deli in Alabama) I’ve actually never eaten there for breakfast, but they have the perfect proportions for lunch!

4.Milos: This will be my unhealthy choice for lunch. I love the toasted cheese’s! So tasty and only $1.00! Also.. probably the BEST SWET TEA in America. Buy it by the jug! The crinkle fries with seasoning are an added bonus if I’m feel like eating really fatty!

4.The Urban Cookhouse: This is a new restaurant in downtown Homewood, AL, that was opened this past summer by my dear friend, Sherry Snyder’s, Son and Daughter-in-law. If you are ever in the area GIVE IT A TRY! I’ve only been once, but had the most enjoyable experience. They have a unique, healthy menu, that will surely please your taste buds. I had the B.A.L.T. which was a BLT plus, avacado. I also added turkey for a meatier sandwich. The concept behind this restaurant is fabulous! They buy everything they serve locally! Very cool.

5.Chipotle: Who doesn’t want to eat a burrito that’s bigger than a baby?  Okay.. maybe not AS big as a baby. I usually go vegetarian here. I love the sauteed bell peppers, black beans and corn salsa. Plus, you get freshly made guacamole on this order! If you aren’t super hungry you can turn this into two meals. If you go with a friend, get an order of  chips and salsa, or guacamole! They are homemade and oh, so, yummy!

6.Newks Express Cafe: Okay, I actually hated this place the first time I went but now it’s on my  top 10 (I ordered the wrong thing of course)! This is one of the quickest places to get an extremely tasty meal! I usually get the 1/2 sandwich 1/2 salad meal. Their salads are HUGE and very filling. The sandwiches are toasted and made with top notch ingredients. Very flavorful meal!

7.Skyline Chili: Cincinnati staple! This is one of those places you just have to try –to understand. (Although, non-natives, usually aren’t very fond of the flavor) Depending on my level of hunger, I usually get one cheese coney and one chili cheese sandwich. If I’m really hungry, I add an additional coney or sandwich. I crave Skyline when I’m away from Cincinnati and it never tastes as good when I make it from a can. The mountain of cheese is the best!

8.Momma Goldberg’s Deli: After working on an ad copy campaign for the Tuscaloosa location, I fell in love. I had to do many nights of “field research” for my campaign. I tried several sandwiches… and who doesn’t love the nachos? This is one of Michael’s favorite spots so we became frequent customers.

9.Tazikis Greek Fare: This is probably my new favorite restaurant. Recently, I’ve fell in love with feta cheese and well, anything Mediterranean. This place has a fantastic menu with fantastic prices. They have this fabulous tomato and feta side dish that makes my heart sing. I believe this chain began in Birmingham, but is now expanding. All of the Gyro’s  that I’ve sampled were wonderful!

10.Izzys: This is another Cincinnati favorite of mine. They are famous for their rueben sandwich and it is fantastic! The mix of corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and pickles melts together in your mouth for a sensational combination of flavors.They also have their own creation called a potato pancake that completes the meal rather nicely.

I love love love food and could probably formed  a top 25 list– easily. I am ALWAYS looking for new restaurants to try so send your favorites my way!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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