Smell the (spray) roses…

I think bridal magazines should come with this disclaimer: Actual Planning does not come as easy as pictures suggest.

Wedding planning is no piece of cake– unless you are taste-testing the fine delectable. Don’t let me fool you–I am enjoying most of it, but I feel like it’s never going to end. Decision after decision… which is not quite my cup of tea. I want someone to just stand next to me and say pick; this or that– or even better, read my mind and pick for me.

I don’t like being the responsible party.

I think deep down I know what I want but then I find myself on Pinterest or Etsy and think of more ideas. I’m just hoping everything will gel together like I’m imagining. I went to the florist a few weeks ago and she confirmed that I knew what I wanted.

–(huge sigh of relief)–

Pretty, huh?

I think so.

And… it’s only going to get better!

You just wait.

Who thinks I can name all of the flowers pictured in that photo up there? — This was my first experience at a wholesale flower shop.  SO MUCH FUN. I went into this huge cooler that was filled with hundreds of different flowers in all shapes and sizes. My creative pallet almost exploded… maybe I should switch careers… ; )

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Something Old

I wish I would have bought that birdcage…

I loved it so much I took a picture.

Why, oh WHY! didn’t I buy it right then and there?

This birdcage has been haunting me for months now.

Michael and I have fell in love with our new hobby of antiquing. It all started on one of our visits to Hendersonville, NC to visit family. We stumbled upon a pair of old suitcases in perfect condition– the best part– they cost $5.00 for the set.

 Remember this?

It’s finally on the wall!!!

Just in time to move in a few weeks… :/

Oh, yeah… I’m moving. Five minutes closer to work– not that I was ever far away, but it will be nice to by-pass traffic.

I’m really excited for more space and less stairs.


This was Michael’s treasure find. He knew I needed nightstands and saw the vision. Once a beautiful vanity, now split in two for bedside tables. I can’t quite decide if I love the color or not. I’m a rather boring, neutral, modern (play it safe) person– afraid of color, really.

He likes a pop here and there and is trying to convince me to change my ways.

BUT somehow this Tiffany Blue is growing on me– maybe because it reminds me of fine jewelry. So-What if it does…

Remember this trunk?

That’s right– Once upon a time this trunk housed barbies, well at least their shoes and will now hold my countless number of loose papers. I originally thought I’d store blankets or odds and ends, but a file cabinet was a much better decision. The legs are still a little wobbly, but it serves its purpose.

Oh yes, my favorite piece EVER!

This old farm table was quite the find.

On one of our trips from North Carolina back to Birmingham, we found ourselves passing all of these interesting looking shacks displaying the word: Antiques. Michael was ten and two, eyes straight ahead, ready to hit the interstate. I, however being the navigator was drawn in to these buildings wanting to stop.

“Do you think you would like to stop at one of these antique shops?”I asked, acting like I was not really interested, but hoping Michael was game.

“No.” (it was a cold no)

“That shop looks neat.” I pressed on.

Two minutes go by.

“Oh, wow- Michael, look at that old sign in the front yard.” (What’s the worst that could happen… he keeps driving?)

Another two minutes…

“I wonder how many people stop at these shops?” (…!!!)

I think he got the hint– before I could finish my thought, Michael was whipping the Jeep onto the dirt driveway that lead to this small shed-like antique shop.


“Ten Minutes” Michael said. (Well– I think this is what was said)

As we explored the small shop I spotted a blue ball jar with a lid. (one of my many current obsessions) I glanced at the sticker- $5.00- we’ve got ourselves a bargain people! I turned around to show Michael and saw the table– I loved it. I had to have it. This was instantaneous. Table or desk that piece of furniture was mine. As I flipped the ticket, I hoped that I would find a price rather than a NFS (not for sale) stamp.

Whew, I was in luck. Before I could hesitate, the owner of the shop told us that everything was 15% off that day– SOLD. Michael took the dimensions and confirmed that the table would fit in the Jeep and the rest is in the books.

I really do love it. My GREAT find. I’ve been searching for some antique chairs, but the ikea ones will have to do for now.

As for my latest project…

This one won’t be completed until after the move. Michael obtained some old photos from his Dad that were recovered from his Grandmothers house many years ago. I’ve always loved old photos. It’s fun to see what events were important at one time in another persons life. I wasn’t fortunate enough to ever meet Michael’s grandparents, but it’s sweet to attempt to go down memory lane and create what I think their life may have been like.

My Mom has old photos displayed in frames in her home and I love looking at these pictures. My Grandmother as a little girl in Cowboy boots. My Great Grandmother- fashion diva in the 40’s. The one wedding photo that was taken at my Mom and Dad’s reception. (I’ve been learning a lot about the family weddings these days) An Orchestra from my Dad’s side of family musicians. I REALLY need the story on some of these photos.

My vision is to obtain photos from all sides of our families and combine them within this collage of frames. Just need to work on getting a few more pictures…

As I go into my day off tomorrow, Michael and I already have a new antique shop scouted out to hit up. It really is exciting even if you don’t purchase anything.

A Bacon Press…

An old set of silver… (probably should have invested in this set). Would make a really awesome wedding present (wink wink).

You really never know what you will find.

These last two items were found at a few antique shops in downtown Milford, OH on my home sweet home vacation. It’s my first vacation since I started with Verizon a YEAR ago! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.

While I was at home I made a stop here:

This story is for another day, BUT I did say Yes to a Dress! WOOO! It’s starting to feel very real!

The big day is set for May 12, 2012!

It will be here before we know it– 6 months from last Saturday.

Music of the Moment is brought to you by Spotify– check it out! (Singer-Songwriter Radio) BUT you can type any artist and listen/stream for free!

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Never go grocery shopping while hungry

If you’ve read my blog, you may remember this post…

Remember now… I’m not quite the culinary student my heart oh-so-wishes I could be.

That’s okay though. I am making strides.

In an effort to try and save some money, (and looking at the my money map feature on my online banking site) I decided that I would plan meals for Michael and I to eat for a few weeks. Simple things really. You’ve got the basics like spaghetti and frozen pizza, but then you get your hands dirty with a little more prep work– try shrimp po’boys and homemade lasagna. Michael gets a major shout out here.. my idea– his masterpieces.

For all who know Michael, the tomatoes on the po’boy were for me, not him… same goes for the pickles.

The lasagna was made from scratch and very yummy!! Who would have thought a pizza sauce could have tasted so good. ; )

Shrimp Alfredo. The Macaroni Grill makes this fabulous alfredo packet– just add shrimp.

Well technologic girl over here can’t get this picture to rotate, but I really wanted to show you what true love is. Retail hours are brutal to relationships…

Operation Clean out the pantry day 1: Campbell’s Vegetable Soup, add 1 can of water heat till warm. (If I only spent half as much time as I did taking all of these food photos from my phone, maybe I could learn how to cook REAL soup… nah, I like this one just fine.)

Comfort food… reminds me of being sick… in a good way.

On another note– I did make this delicious dish that my parents would make every summer. Not really sure what you call this– I just asked “What was that zucchini, tomato, cheese dish, you made while I was growing up?”

I made this all by myself!! Very tasty AND very successful!

1.Slice up a zucchini

2. Open a can of Italian Recipe Stewed tomatoes (or add your own spices with a regular can)

3. Combine the two in a medium skillet pan

4. Heat over medium heat until zucchini softens

5. Sprinkle mozzerella cheese on top while in  pan to melt.

Prep: 1 minute

Cook: 5 minutes

Well it looks to be dinner time again– Let’s see what I can go make tonight. Bon Appetit!

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Happy First Birthday!!

Wow, time slipped my mind– I was still just trying to justify my diet choices and remembered that today marks the one year anniversary of When Elephants Fly!


I am so glad that I treated myself today! Sweet Justification!

Wow, what a wonderful year it has been! I am so thankful for each and every one of my readers! I feel so much love and support.

I am actually quite proud of myself, too. I’m allowed to write that, right? I mean really– I poke fun at myself, but I am not really one for consistency. I usually have these grand ideas about projects, such as this blog, but lack the follow through.

And now, for my award speech:

I’ve said it before and will say it again. This blog has been a good outlet for me to just write, think, piece together life– really just keep me grounded through so much change. Since starting a year ago, I’ve found myself a job, apartment, fiance, dog… and a sense of purpose. My heart longs to inspire and encourage people and the fact that I’ve had people tell me that they enjoyed reading something I’ve written makes my heart soar. Thank you God, for giving me the desire to write and the ability to. Thank you Mom and Dad for letting me live at home and be unemployed for a few months so I could start this journey, and thank you Michael for letting me write and ignore you for so many hours, it’s okay to read it one day if you want to! I love you all!

So, what now…?

I’m gonna keep on writing.

yeah. I think I will.

Now– I KNOW this is cheesy, but I actually would like to share some of my accomplishments from the blog– a year in review if you will.

1.)For Memory 2.)For Accomplishment 3.)Benchmark? (that’s such a Verizon term)

Total Views: 26,024

268 on the busiest day– January 20, 2011

66 Posts

17 Subscribers

Top web search that brought up my blog: Fail — 7,917 (wow… I hope I didn’t write that word THAT many times– I’m a little sad so many people were looking up that word on the internet).

Most traffic: clicks from Facebook

Most popular blog: Top 10 Things to do while your Boyfriend plays Call of Duty, Black Ops

If only I could make money doing this… wouldn’t that be the life?

Hope y’all have a great week!!

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There are some things I find extremely hard to resist.

Unfortunately, in my five to ten minute commute, I pass both of these locations.

YEP– two times a day. (Well four if you count my lunch hour).

Every day is a struggle to not stop.

I have to say, “Jackie– keep driving, you don’t need it.”

I can be running late to work, stop at Krispy Kreme, and STILL make it right on time. I’m in and out in minutes. So glad we share parking lots..

Chipotle isn’t much better.

I can make it in and out of Chipotle faster than trying to find a parking spot and walk up the flight of stairs to my apartment.

…and today, I gave into my weaknesses.


Hey– a girl’s gotta eat.

Just so you know, I enjoyed every last bite.

Music of the moment: “Looks like Love”, Needtobreathe

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Here’s an Answer for you

Why is it so easy to start things, but so difficult to finish?

This is the project that I posted about here— MONTHS ago that is finally hanging up on my wall. Funny thing– it’s still not finished. I fully planned on staining a frame to go around it but I desperately was wanting my dining room table back and thought, what the heck– this is art.

I am actually quite pleased with how it turned out. I am not really a fan of bright colors but I think it brightens up my apartment a bit.

Unlike this:

Let me review this image with you. Yep, that’s a pair of sandals, just out of reach of Chaco’s mouth. You aren’t blind, there are only two legs assembled to the trunk. I asked Michael what happened, but I can’t remember what he told me… something with the frame? Maybe the screw got stripped? idk. What I do know is that it’s bothering me that it’s sitting in the middle of the living room unfinished. I ask him if I can work on it but it appears that it’s maybe more work than it’s worth? Sad.. I was really hoping to turn the old trunk into a neat filing cabinet. I have a lot of clutter that is getting to me over in my makeshift office. It would have been nice to eliminate it. ONE DAY– just like the painting up there. It eventually made it’s way to the wall.

Disclaimer: Do not judge me for the pizza box in the background. It makes a GREAT barrier for the wires that Chaco most definitely would chew through if  given a choice. (This is not the proper time to talk about the new heels that now have little teeth marks decorating the point).

This is next… I actually cleaned the old window up– mold is gone. Just need to work on it’s better half.

This is the look I’m going for… sort-of.


Let me tell you about my new form of inspiration. It comes from Pinterest. It’s this really great social networking site that displays photos. You “pin” things to various boards that you set up on your profile. For example… I have a “Home Sweet Home” board where I pin photos I come across that strike my fancy in regards to my future abode. The site has a fantastic reserve of photos that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I can literally search for ANYTHING; word, phrase, vision, room– and it comes up with dozens of pictures. (Michael even made me search for a gun that he was interested in– only one photo, but still, one!)

Maybe by the time my lease is up in a few months I’ll have things hung on the wall. Let’s hope I renew if this happens. ; )

Now, I will leave you with this:

Isn’t that just precious.

That’s Chaco on the right and his brother Beaux on the left– yes they share chew sticks. I had so much fun puppy sitting a few weeks ago!

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Feelin’ hot HOt HOT!

…and this is how I know that it is summertime in Alabama

1.Entering my car to go to work at anytime of the day nearly suffocates me. (Yes, even at 8:00AM)

2.My sunglasses fog up as soon as I walk outside.

3. The knob on my car’s air conditioner is stuck on full blast– and I’m okay with that.

4.I basically have to change my clothes once arriving at work b/c I’ve sweat so much. (Okay– and my AC isn’t fast enough)

5. My pin-straight hair, now has a slight curl from the humidity.

6. There is no such thing as “laying out” — you must actually get in the pool.

7.My electric bill has skyrocketed out of sight.

8. My dog smells like sweat after going outside for 5 minutes.

9. I haven’t seen a person jogging in months.

10. I actually asked Michael if we could go to a waterpark…

11. I feel a strong urge to purchase Coke Icee’s on a regular basis.

12. I ‘get’ why so many people “Go to the lake” every weekend.

13. I also ‘get’ why the windows in my apartment are basically painted shut.

14. I’ve stopped making “hot meals” in order to keep the apartment cool.

15.Wal-mart has 3 aisles dedicated to “Grilling out” and reminds me that I can’t enjoy this luxury in an apartment.

16. I have burns on my hands and chest from buckling my seatbelt and driving my car.

17. Fashion has escaped me once again, and it appears that shorts are much shorter than I remember.

Please, fill me in on some of your observations… but MAN is it HOT, HOT, HOT!

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Well, Hello there…

I HATE that I’ve abandoned my blog.

Writing on here is like therapy for me. It gives me some ‘me’ time– reflection, more or less. I appreciate my readers too– and I hate to disappoint anyone. I had the pleasure of FINALLY getting to return home to visit my family this past weekend (first time in over 6 mo.– thank you very much). While I was sitting in my room, I remembered how often I’d sit at my desk and write out these lengthy-soul bearing-super long-“thought provoking”-(well to me) posts. –And realized that I missed that.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have time to blog. I CHOOSE other things. Plain and simple.

Just like I had to choose which flavor of Graeters Ice Cream to purchase at The Fresh Market, a few weeks ago. IN ALABAMA.

No– seriously. It was tough– They say new item, but what if this is a joke, some kind of a sick joke and they stop carrying it? jk.

Well I guess I should catch you up to speed on my life… My post college graduation life, since, afterall, that is why I started this.

Work is AWESOME– I love my job, if I didn’t well, I’d look for another one. I’ve recently really been inspired by the idea of really loving what you do for a living. I am just so blessed to be lead by a phenomenal team of leaders who not only teach me, but look forward to helping me succeed in my career path. I mean really, how great is that? (Can I please get an applause for this).

Getting Married. Well, like I mentioned I went home for the weekend and had the privilege of attending my eldest cousin, Betsy’s wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!! (I am planning to write a whole post on this subject once my photos from my camera are uploaded– so stay tuned). When you go to a wedding, the questions concerning your own almost smack you in the face. It was a good chance for Michael and I to really discuss with my parents the deep desires for our own wedding. (Okay, let’s face it- neither of us really have these well-thought out plans). Michael likes the courthouse idea at this point… I’m not a fan.

I’ll tell you why it’s hard for us to really start planning. We can’t figure out a location. Do I go home? (yes– that’s the tradition, I’m well aware). Do we go destination? (ehh- I may sacrifice some good friends most importantly, family not coming). Okay, how about half way between our families? (Would you plan the most important day of your life in some random city you have no connection to?) Just saying. This is a choice, a hard one at that– that Michael and I will have to make as a couple.

So what does that mean– you guessed it– still no date. (We are taking suggestions though…) ; )

Now onto far more important things…

Who has the cutest dog on the planet?

Oh, why it appears that I do.

Meet Chaco. He’s a Cockapoo. That’s a Cocker Spaniel mixed with a Poodle AND I love him very much. He brings a smile to me everyday. You should see me with my phone. It’s like a little brag book of how cute he is. (I now understand those things now).

Let me start off by saying that this is high on my list of rebellious things that I’ve done. (My parents have told me for the last 2 years to stay away from puppies, well pets in general due to the high maintenance) Michael introduced me to his friend, who is now one of my dear friends, Abby. She lives in the same complex that I reside in. When we got wind of her recent purchase of an adorable little puppy, Mr. Beaux Jangles, I had to meet the fella for myself. LOVE– immediately. Michael asked if I was interested… or rather bet me, that I’d leave wanting to go get a puppy.

So let’s see… that was a Wednesday, and we made the drive to Tuscaloosa on Friday. To not only purchase a puppy, but Mr. Beaux Jangles BROTHER!

He truly has been fabulous. I’ve gained a lot from having him this last month. We’ve met a good majority of the neighbors– he’s allowing (forcing) me to meet people. ; ) No, I actually love that. I live in a very pet friendly complex. I’ve gotten more laundry done than anyone could ever have imagined. (Ask my water/electric bill). I also have gotten to enjoy the early morning. Making it to work at 8:00AM is NEVER a problem anymore.

I mean really though… How can you say no to this:

Told ya…

Chaco, will be 13 weeks old on Friday. I am so proud of him– thanks to my friend, Alison, he knows how to sit and lay down. He also has become a champ at using the puppy pads– which I like despite the cost. I am just reflecting on my experience with a puppy and it makes me smile. Fun Fact, Poodles are one of the smartest breeds out there– so I have no doubt that little Chaco Baby, will be performing some great tricks in the near future.

Well, the little pup is giving me the evil eye right now– he doesn’t like technology. He needs me to throw his favorite toy– a ratty old plastic water bottle. So much for the 50 toys Michael and I’ve purchased. (He’s not spoiled or anything).

Currently Singing Along to: (Don’t Judge) Lady GaGa: The Edge of Glory

I was one of the lucky ones who purchased her entire, Born This Way, album from Amazon for .99 — not too bad.

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April 27, 2011

I’ve had to kind of sit back and take in everything that has been going on these last two weeks.I started to write a very detailed post on my encounter with April’s Fury, but chose not to post it. I am so blessed. I am alive, I have a roof, I am a volunteer, not a victim. This is not my nightmare that I have to relive every single day. I am lucky.

I arrived in Tuscaloosa the day after the storm with a team of volunteers with Verizon Wireless. The town I called home for four years didn’t look the same. Streets hardly recognizable. Houses that past friends had once rented and lived in– houses that friends currently lived in torn apart. As I quietly sat in the back of a pick-up truck passing out bottled water and snacks, I didn’t know what to think or say. A lot of the people we encountered were numb– some, didn’t have much to begin with and now, had nothing.

After an emotional day of viewing the devastation and giving out anything we could– we headed home. I prayed. What was the state of Alabama going to do? Not only was Tuscaloosa hit– so were many other towns in Alabama. I prayed for the missing, the homeless, the hearts of the community, the state… the list continued. I heard plans of what our company was going to do and was very impressed at how quickly a plan was put into action. I heard finals were cancelled at the University as was graduation– my heart broke for the class just below me. They never imagined their college experience to end this way.

The next day I was sent to Pleasant Grove, AL– a community on the other side of Birmingham. Verizon needed my help to work our relief efforts. For the last week, I’ve been volunteering and getting to know this community. I am so so so so so very impressed with the relief efforts of so many in Birmingham.

Let me tell you a short story. Next to our trailer was a small tent set up with 120 cases of bottled water. The tent was staffed by maybe four members of the Birmingham Amateur Radio Club.  They wanted to help and so they did what they could. As I came and went from our trailer, passing out our own donations, I noticed that their donations continued to grow. They were now grilling hotdogs and passing out meals– to anyone. A few more hours went by and I noticed cars kept circling through the parking lot dropping off donations. Now the small tent next to us had expanded to not only food, but they were fully stocked with clothing and toys and other household necessities. The donations continued to pour in from people all across the city. Many people would stop by our trailer and ask if we were taking donations, yet we pointed next door. This continued all weekend. I was intrigued by the generosity, so before packing up for the evening, I made my way over to the small tent which was now surrounded by donations to thank the volunteers. The lady I spoke with was very emotional. She said “We came out here with only a few cases of water. We never planned to stay more than a few hours. We can’t really even take any more donations. God is good- he will provide for the people of Pleasant Grove.” — This is just one of the amazing stories I’ve seen unfold from this disaster.

The first picture is of a trailer of ice that arrived where a group of volunteers ran to work in an assembly line to get it into the cooler. The second picture is of a car that was taking food and other donations directly into the community. (This was very common to see).

Throughout the week several community members and VZW customers seem to all ask the same question. What image has stuck with you. Everyone’s image of course is different. I know this picture doesn’t really do it justice, but the bark on the trees is gone. I wonder how some trees much like this one are still standing where others are broken in half like matchsticks or completly uprooted and lying in someones living room.

I also can’t seem to get the image of an entire house being destroyed yet the closet in the middle of the house is still standing– with clothes neatly hanging on their respected hanger. What about the spray painted words, “We are alive”. Pieces of metal wrapped around tree trunks– a mattress stuck through a tree branch– these are now landmarks that we used to navigate.

In the end these are all peoples belongings and homes. They didn’t choose this. The road ahead of them is long and we need to continue to pray. The first responders have been great but like I said– they have a long way to go.

Until this storm–I’d never encountered a natural disaster– I’ve spoken with insurance adjusters who have seen many disasters including Hurricane Katrina. They say the devastation here is just as bad. The Country is deeming this storm one of the worst in history. I pray that the country does not forget what has happened and continues to offer it’s resources. We have built a support system for all who were affected by the storm and need to remain strong.

Again, I’d like to thank anyone reading this who has donated, volunteered, or prayed. Seeing first hand– these people are appreciative. I see progress in the small town of Pleasant Grove. The Morale of this community is amazing, too. They may have lost everything but by gosh by golly, they are going to rebuild. Thanks to my friends and family who have called to chat with me too– it’s very emotional being a volunteer. I am so thankful for where I’m at in life and feel so blessed.

One more thing– If you’d like to donate or volunteer I know there are some really amazing organizations out there that are making a huge impact in Alabama. I’m not as familiar with them as I’d like to be– but I’d be willing to help figure something out.

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Sweet Sunday

I really wish you could see me right now…No, I’m not eating cinnamon rolls– I ate those earlier this week. ; ) The photo was fitting for my title of this post.

I am having the most spectacular weekend! I hope you can say the same. The weather is beautiful– I can smell spring– and I LOVE IT!

Friday, I made a call to my twin brother, Neil. We had spoken about his plan to propose to his girlfriend and I couldn’t remember if this was the weekend. He answered– “Jackie– I’m practicing– it’s happening in an hour!”

So, what do I do…

I call my Mom and tell her to skype with me so we can all be together to get the word… (Sorry Mom, I know you told me not to post this picture but you look fine.) 😉

So here we are waiting… and waiting… and waiting some more. It was a great time to catch up. Michael came over– my Dad made it home from his golf game. We were all there to here the end result, which was YES! Woooo I’m not going to ruin Neil’s moment, but he really did plan the most perfect proposal. (well.. besides my own.– y’all know how competitive we are, right?) ; )

I can’t help but wonder what thoughts are going through my parent’s heads right now.. Did they ever expect their twins to really get engaged within months of one another? I certainly didn’t.. I thought Neil would be wayyyy before me. Turns out I was  wrong.

I can tell you one thing my Dad thought that I shot down immediately– “Double Wedding” — Not going to happen.

Saturday morning was lazy but filled with excitement. I was finally going to meet up with two of my very best friends from college. Ashley was flying in from Seattle, so Kelly and I volunteered to pick her up from the airport and hit up a much needed mexican lunch date. Chuys. (So yummy– but probably the worst customer experience possible).

I really have missed those girls. I can’t believe how much has changed since those first few weeks as freshman at Alabama. We went from talking about classes and football to buying houses and planning for the long term future… crazy. I wish our time could have been longer, but I loved every minute of it.

As I was giving my friends the grand tour of my apartment, Michael gave me the news that we had acquired tickets to see, A Chorus Line, via Birmingham’s Broadway Series.

I love Broadway Shows but have to admit that this is probably not one of my favorites. I kept telling Michael I appreciate the show because I know how much hardwork has gone into putting it together, but this one really drug on. (I’m pretty sure he fell asleep at one point.)I also didn’t appreciate how many people kept getting up in the middle of the show– although I guess the producers did it to themselves because there was no intermission… a 2 hour show probably needed one.

What I did like was the dancing. There really was a lot of phenomenal dancing in this show.

Ah, now here we are– Sweet Sunday.

I’ve got a yummy breakfast– Egg/Cheese/Turkey Sausage Scramble… (I was trying to make breakfast tacos, which I always enjoyed during my childhood years, but we were out of taco shells).

A beautiful– peaceful view accompanied by my quickmix pandora radio station.

…and sunshine which changes my Del Sol nail polish colors. (This picture really doesn’t do it justice.

Then you have me… who is procrastinating on going to the grocery store/running errands. It’s such a lovely day to just sit on my porch, take in the fresh air and dream. I don’t get to do this very often so I guess I should take advantage of every minute of it.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday, Friends!

Sweet Sounds for Sunday: Amos Lee, “Sweet Pea”

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